Hi everyone! Thanks so much for checking out the site. Hope that you like what you see!

A little about me. Well, of course, jewelry is really important to me. I never leave the house without at least 3 rings, earrings, and at least one necklace. Likes: big statement rings, travel, singing very loud and off key in my car, meals with good friends and good wine Dislikes: traffic, rubber bracelets, tunafish, bugs (especially the stinging kind)

Clothes are nice, but jewelry really sets the tone for an outfit. When I switch up my jewelry it's like I'm changing my entire persona. That's my motto pretty much for the collections you see featured on the site. I can never decide what my style is (rock, chic, earthy), so these collections represent my different styles. Schizophrenic much? I like to think of it as ecclectic.

I am a novice metal jewelry maker who was looking for a creative outlook and found a lot more. I hope you get the same enjoyment from these pieces as I had making them. Please feel free to email me with thoughts, questions, comments, at jewelry@hilaryblum.com